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Just a Thought #2 – It Got Me Too

We’ve been staying indoors for almost a year now
Every day it is taking our life away
It slowly breaks us
Stops us from breathing
Makes us cry

Larry Crowne Review: A Film Added to the Library of Tom Hanks’ Inspirational Films

A romantic comedy film produced and directed by Tom Hanks. The film also stars Hanks as Larry, a hardworking middle-aged man who suddenly loses his job due to a lack of college education. Struggled to find a new job, Larry took his neighbor’s advice and decided to enroll at East Valley Community College. She met Mercedes Tainot (Julia Roberts), her depressed speech teacher.

Wonder Woman 1984 Review: A Perfect Escapist Film for this Pandemic

Wonder Woman proves to be the heart and soul of the DCEU following its Christmas release. The film is filled with love and hope, a perfect escapist for this pandemic. It is the sequel to the (2017) hit superhero film. Although it didn’t hit the bar of its predecessor, thankfully, the star-studded cast lived up to the expectations.

Just a Thought #1 – How Did I Sleep?

I have an app on my phone that ask me “How Did I Sleep?”

I want to say – by closing my eyes
Counting sheep
Not sleeping in the afternoon
Not thinking too much

Lakers Reach The Finals After 10 Years

It’s been a decade since the Los Angeles Lakers have reached the NBA Finals and there are a lot things have changed since then. Jason Kid, and Steve Nash were still playing in the league. There was no bubble that time, only roaring fans in every home game. Kobe was still alive and not all Centers can shoot threes.

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